This accommodation boasts 10 + 4 beds in a location that is only 40 minutes from Stockholm city center by car.

Lovely open spaces, not overlooked by neighbors with peace and quiet in an idyllic setting in the Swedish countryside.

Enjoy sun all day. Take a short walk to the nearby granite rocks where you can swim in Lake Mälaren. Bring a picnic and enjoy amazing sunsets far from the hustle and bustle.

The local bus stops 50 m from the house that takes you into the city. Or take the car that takes you there in about 40 min.

You have 3 golf courses to choose from in the vicinity and a large variety of activities to choose from. One of  the golf courses is adjacent to the royal residence in Drottningholm. Make sure to walk around the royal park  which is completely free.

Do not miss  the Viking rune stones and burial places in the surrounding area. The capital of the Vikings is Birka which is located on a neighboring island and is easily accessed.

This property is a 10-minute walk from the beach.
31 km from Stockholm city center and 28 km from Solna.
60 km from Arlanda international airport which is a 50 minute drive.

The nearest airport is Bromma Airport, which is 27 km from the property.

Come and  enjoy a comfortable stay in peace and quiet with easy access to Stockholm city.

“We speak English, Polish, Swedish and some French. We hope to see you as our guest soon.”

Joanna & David

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The House

The House

The open floor plan and the large terrace allows you to enjoy a life outdoors throughout your stay. You can also play and have fun on the big lawn next to the terrace.
The house adjoins beautiful forest where you can explore the area for hours. Pick blueberries, mushrooms and enjoy the silence away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


    • All bedrooms have single beds only – can be put together to make doubles.
    • Bedroom 1: 4 beds. Bedroom 2, 3 & 4: 2 single beds in each bedroom.
    • 2 sofa beds on the first floor (2 people per sofa)  1 sofa bed (2 people) on the ground floor.
    • 2 bathrooms with showers, 1 bath. + extra shower.
    • 2 children’s cots available to borrow.
    • Bicycles can be borrowed by arrangement.
    • Bed linen with towels are available for rental.
    • Free WiFi is featured and free private parking is available on site.
    • The kitchen is extensively equipped and includes a dishwasher and microwave.
    • A smart flat-screen TV is provided with connections for computers.
    • There is also a 120 sq meter terrace to enjoy the sun on with seating and tables.
    • There is also a BBQ which can be used.

Surrounding nature

Even though Sweden has lots to offer in the way of wildlife there is only a few that you will probably encounter during your stay.



If you are really lucky you’ll see Moose in groups of two to five and if it’s a lone Moose the chances are it’s probably a male.
They normally are quite shy during the day and stick to the forests but in the evenings and very early in the day there might be a chance you’ll spot one or two grazing in the fields along the edge of the forests.






Deer are everywhere, and are probably the number one animal for traffic collisions as they jump out from the side of the road without warning.
They say if one crosses the road in front of you there is sure to be one that follows right behind it.
So beware when driving around out here especially in the evenings and early mornings as that’s when they are most active.





Wild Boar.

Over the last few decades Wild boar have made a comeback into the Swedish countryside after being absent for almost 200 years!
Färingsö has seen it’s fair share of them much to the chagrin of the locals as they cause so much damage to crops and ornamental gardens.
Wild boar travel in groups of sows and piglets with the males leading a solitary life outside of the breeding season.






Sweden has three species of snakes: the smooth snake (Coronella austriaca), the adder (Viperia berus) and the grass snake (Natrix natrix).
The most common ones seen are the harmless Grass and Smooth snake.
The Adder however is venomous and can give a painful bite that can make you very ill. For small animals, children, or the ederly it can cause life thretening complications.
Always seek medical help straight away if you are bitten.
The grass snake differs from the adder in having a round pupil, yellow spots on its neck and a less jerky movement.
Be on your guard however for the black adder which is common in the archipelago – it often lacks the characteristic zigzag pattern.





Ticks are all over northern Europe and are most prevalentwhere there is a large concentration of deer such as where we are.
It is important to be aware of ticks. For example after a walk in long grass or through the forest to check yourself and your clothing for ticks.
Generally they are harmless and just leave a very irritating bite that itches.
Others can leave you with an infection, this generally shows itself as a defined red ring around the bite mark from 10cm diameter and greater approximately 12hrs later.
Seek medical advice if you should experience this symptom




Do’s and Dont’s.

In Sweden we have a law that states all people have a right to walk where they wish in the countryside regardless of who owns the land unless it is government property. ie the Military. There are certain courtesy rules we follow for this entitlement.
Do keep to the edges of fields that are obviously used for crops
Don’t enter fields that have livestock in them
Don’t cross someones property in sight of their house if it’s obviously a garden.
Don’t pick wild flowers
Don’t break branches of trees or bushes
Do take home all your garbage
Don’t drive off road with your car
Do close any gates after you
Do be aware that Moose and Wild Boar especially with young can be very dangerous so do keep your distance.

These are just the basics, the general rule is just to use good common sense.
“Sunt förnuft”



Below you will find some useful links for different activities. If you have any questions you can always email us about any special activity you may wish to pursue that you may need help booking.


Horse riding (can be arranged locally by us)

Sailing/boat rental (can be arranged locally by us depending on availability)



Cycling, we are fortunate enough to be on the most popular route in Stockholm for cycling with easy hills quiet roads and beautiful nature.

Swimming, Ekerö has some of the best beachs in the Stockholm area. There are many  beach’s to choose from in Ekerö Kommun these are just three of them that are local to the house.
A beach that is ideal for parents with small children is Karlskär, this is a small public beach ten minutes drive away or if you are more adventerous, a 40 min bike ride or a short direct bus ride from outside the house.
A beach that is nearer is Bromma Gård, this beach is more suited to adults as it’s a natural beach which can be unsuitable for small children because of the sloping rocks into the water and uneven bottom.. Approximately a 20 minute walk away or 5 minutes with a bike. A larger public beach Stockbybadet can be found in our local village of Stenhamra which is only a 15 minute drive away.


Drottningholm Slott. This is the home of the Swedish Royal family, you can walk in the grounds and there are tours of the castle itself.

Ekebyhovs Slott, A very nice lunch is served here monday to friday with woodland grounds to walk.

Svartsjö Slott. Originally a hunting castle for the Royal family where today you can have afternoon tea and a walk in the grounds.

Äppelfabriken. This is our local press for cider, many people take there apples here to be pressed for a small fee, there is a very charming café and a small shop here that sells natural products

Moose safari. Occasionally you will see Moose from the house late in the evening or very early in the mornings grazing in the fields opposite. If you want to possibly guarantee a sighting there are several tours you can take.

Museums. Stocholm is fortunate enough that most of it’s museums are free of charge. Here you will find a good selection of them.

Tourist information. A very good resource for all things related to a visit to Stockholm and it’s surrounding area

Birka. The first official viking capital in Sweden which is only a 40 minute car drive and a short boat ride away.

Food and Drink


A small store where you should be able to find most of your needs where it comes to food and basic household supplies.

A smaller version of it’s bigger brother in Bromma Blocks (See below). A slightly wider selection of foodstuffs than ICA (Above)

(Liquer store) In Sweden we have very strict licensing laws where it comes to the sale of alcohol which has an alcohol content over 3,5%. If you wish to purchase wine or spirit or even beer exceeding this percentage you will have to purchase it at a government controlled store “Systembolaget”. These outlets have very restrictive opening hours so it’s wise to check them before making a journey there to purchase anything. There is one situated in Ekerö centre and several on the way into the city. Alcohol which is 3.5% and below can be purchased at your local supermarket if you are over 18 years old.

Bromma Blocks
Bromma Blocks is gallery of stores where you can find most of what you need from small DIY articles, sporting goods to clothing. It also houses one of the largest grocery stores in the area, coop.

Restaurants, cafés and Fast food on the islands:


Old farmhouse with manor house, wagon riders lodge, magazine (with exhibitions), fish farm, smithja, fish farm and church figures, 17th century village with small kitchen garden. Serving coffee and waffles. Open: Weekends in June-August, from 13-16. Phone: 08-560 430 94
    Gatukök, pizza, salad. Phone: 08-560 462 09
  • We also have three Pizzarias on our island to choose from all within 10 minutes drive that serve not just pizza but burgers and kebabs.
  • ÄPPELFABRIKEN. This is our local press for cider, many people take there apples here to be pressed for a small fee, there is a very charming café and a small shop here that sells natural products which is open on the weekends.


  • KÄRSÖ BROSTUGAN Kärsö Near Drottningholm in fantastic surroundings lies Brostugan, with 18-hole miniature golf course, canoe and rowing boat rentals. Phone: 08-759 03 01
  • KARAMELLAN CAFÉ & RESTAURANG Drottningholm Originally a Swiss restaurant but now a café and restaurant with classic dishes. Even party room and groups. Open all year. Phone: 08-759 00 35


  • BAGERI EKERÖ Ekerö center
Bakery, cafe and shop. Lunches, stone-baked bread and pastries. Open monday-saturday. Phone: 08-560 353 60
    Italian restaurant with wood-burning pizza. Open evenings! Phone: 08-560 360 11
    Courses and conferences. Lunches Monday-Friday. Rentals for parties and weddings. Weekend cafe spring and autumn. Phone: 08-124 572 00
    In Destination Ekerö’s premises on Ekerövägen 51, Enzo Deli & Gelato houses. Nice meeting for young and old! Lunches, sandwiches, pastries & self-made ice cream. See Facebook page for closer presentation. Phone 08-34 11 77
    Garden café and shop with craft products and second hand. Housed in Ekebyhov’s old schoolhouse on Åkerstigen 93. Open Monday-Saturday. Phone: 08-515 103 98
    NOTE! Due to the construction of housing at Jungfrusund, the café closed in April 2016 and will be closed for at least 2 years.
    Also called the “Yellow House”. Pizzeria and today’s lunch. Open all year! Phone: 08-560 310 14LILLA VENEDIG Ekerö
    Pizzeria in Ekerö center. Even today’s lunch. Phone: 08-560 356 50
  • MATTIAS AT EKERÖ Fantholmen, Ekerö
    Getting to Mattias should be an experience. It is the menus and seasons that control what is served. Welcome to a place of well-being. Phone: 073-331 12 55
  • NO’S TASTE OF THAI Träkvista
    Thai Food Truck which is on Träkvista Square Tuesday-Sunday at 16-20. Phone 0700-90 45 46
    Welcome to Rastaholms Värdshus, which is beautifully situated on a private island with sunset outside the window. Hostel with 80 beds. Guest harbor. For more information call phone: 08-560 230 70
    Rasta sjökrog, Sweden’s smallest sea trout opens in May 2018. It is beautifully situated on a private island with sunset. Guest harbor. For more information call phone: 073-770 78 30
    Sjökrog and guest harbor. Today’s lunch and à la carte. Possibility of a smaller conference. Open all year. Phone: 08-560 350 00
  • THAI WOK & SUSHI Ekerö
    Ekeröwoken in the center. Open everyone there until 21:00. Phone: 08-560 307 88.
    Open every day! Call for pickup, phone: 08-560 306 74, 08-560 318 84.
    Even today’s right! Open all days until 21.00. Phone: 08-685 65 88
    Restaurant and pizzeria. Today’s lunch. Phone: 08-560 301 83, 08-560 315 89.

Getting around

Bus & Subway system

Click here to access the Bus and Metro schedule. The bus stop outside of the house is called “Gatan” and the service that uses it is the 317. This bus is the most direct from Brommaplan which is the main transport centre to access buses and the subway system to get around Stockholm. Watch this small information video for more details, alternativly you can call  SL Customer Services for information on how to travel, what tickets to use, and general questions – Tel +46 8 600 10 00


There are many taxi companies to choose from in Stockholm. Approved taxis with metered fares always have yellow number plates. Credit cards are readily accepted.

NOTE: Taxi prices are not regulated in Sweden; they may vary greatly. It is the customer’s responsibility to check prices beforehand. Check the price on the yellow-and-white label, which is usually on the rear door window, before entering the vehicle. The highest unit price of most taxis is between SEK 290 – 390.

The price on the yellow label is based on a 10 km, a 15-minute journey. The price indicated on the taximeter is in Swedish kronor. For trips to and from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, the major taxi companies have fixed prices of between SEK 450-500. Always ask the driver beforehand. In addition to the major taxi companies, there are several independent firms; caution is advised.

You can easily get hold of a taxi by calling a taxi company, hailing one on the street or by taking a one from a taxi rank. There is a manned taxi centre at Central Station that can help you with finding the right service, e.g. if you need child seats in the vehicle.

Several of the big Stockholm taxi companies have a very high proportion of eco-vehicles. A new rota system gives priority to cabs with low carbon emission levels.

Boats and ferries

Travelling by local ferries is a fantastic way to experience a city built on islands. Ferries are used by both commuters and tourists wanting to take a better look around. 

There is a ferry in Ekerö Center that goes to the Town Hall in the middle of Stockholm. This ferry is run by the bus company and daily or weekly tickets for the bus are also valid on this ferry. You can find a map and timetable here.

There are ample ferry departures from Nybroviken and Slussen in the city centre out to the leafy island of Djurgården and Hammarby Sjöstad. An SL Card includes the ferries from Slussen and you can also buy single tickets on the quay. There are ferries from Drottningholm castle on Ekerö which during the spring to fall months go to the city centre. Tickets can be purchased on board. Strömma Kanalbolaget

To and from the airport

If you are travelling to Stockholm by plane and are landing at Arlanda you can take an express train to the city centre Arlanda Express.  Alternatively you can take one of the Flygbussarna buss’s which are specifically for people travelling between the airport and main towns and the city centre. This is especially a good service as this connects with Brommaplan from where you can get a direct bus to the house or a taxi. If you are arriving at Bromma, Skavsta or Västerås you can also take one of these busses.

Useful info


Yes, the water is safe to drink. Our water comes from our own 67m deep well which is bored down through the granite mountain the house stands upon.
The water has a high iron content which can from time to time turn the water slightly yellow after a rainy period which can be accompanied by a light aroma. Even if the water is slightly yellow it remains perfectly safe to drink and bathe in.


Fire, is by far our #1 enemy. Smoking is restricted to the outside of the house and ashtrays or receptacles must be used when extinguishing cigarettes never on the ground. It is also not advisable to smoke whilst in the forest either. The house is equipped with several fire extinguishers on both floors along with smoke detectors. In the event of a fire you should not be afraid to use the extinguishers and call 112 and ask for the fire department.

House rules:

  • No smoking in the house or in the surrounding wooded areas. If you wish to smoke please dispose of your cigarettes in a safe and considerate manner in a suitable receptacle. TIP: A glass jar with a lid with water in the bottom is ideal.
  • No outdoor shoes are to be worn inside the house.
  • No outdoor sports equipment to be stored in the house.
  • No loud music to be played outside or with open windows after 22:00.
  • BBQ, one is provided and to be used only on the deck area or lawn. Charcoal/Briquettes are to be used only in the baskets not directly on the grill surface
  • Please park your vehicles in a considerate manner in the spaces provided for them in the driveway.
  • The use of illegal substances on the property will be considered a breach of the tenancy agreement.

If you have questions during your stay please text or call us and we will respond as quickly as we can.


All rubbish is disposed of into the green garbage bin which is at the entrance of the driveway. Large packaging should be flattened and placed along side the garbage can in a tidy manner.
Any garbage that is placed in the green container should be in a knotted plastic bag, the type that you have when buying groceries.
Any food waste including paper towels, tea bags, coffee grounds should be separated into a special green bag which we supply, once full dispose of it in the same way as the regular garbage.
All cans bottles and drinks containers are separated into the black bag which is in the kitchen. If this gets full please tell us and we will empty it for you.

IMPORTANT: Please do not put garbage bags outside on the ground, we have a lot of wildlife that thinks your garbage is the best tasting and will decorate the garden with it.
If you have to put it outside temporarily you can hang it on the hook which is beside the entrance door and take it down the next time you leave the house.

Doctor/ Hospital

If you have an emergency that is serious or potentially life threatening do not hesitate to call 112 and ask for an ambulance and give the exact address listed below.  If you have a general ailment you can always call 1177 to seek medical advice, this service is free of charge and they can normally recommend a course of action to take wether it be medication or a visit to the doctor. If you need to visit a doctor/hospital or dentist please remember to bring your passport/ID and if you are a visiting EU citizen your EU health insurance card. All major credit cards are accepted.

Need to rent a boat?

A lot of Swedish people like to rent out their possessions such as canoes or boats that they are not using. This site “hygglo” can help connect you with those people. The site is in Swedish but with a little help from Google translate you should find what you are looking for.

House location

Address: Sånga Säbyvägen 149, 17996 Svartsjö, Sweden
59°21’24.9″N 17°40’22.6″E
59°21.415’N 17°40.377’E
WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
59.356925, 17.672946
6583287, 1606230
6582847, 6519

Where are you?

Ekerö Kommun is made up of many islands in the Lake Mälaren, Ekerö, Färingsö, Kärsö, Björkö, Lovö, Adelsö are just a few of these. There are approximately 25,000 inhabitants spread across these islands with the largest concentration being on Ekerö. Färingsö where we live is the largest of the islands. It is said that there are more Horses here than people and certainly the largest concentration in Sweden.

The present day Färingsö became the early place of royal ownership. The most famous place is Svartsjö with today’s Svartsjö Castle, which is a 17th-century Rococo building. In the mid-1300s, Svartsjö became a royal castle when Gustav Vasa managed to build the castle in stone, Svartsjö became a significant part of Gustav Vasa’s kingdom.

In the late 1600s the castle burned down and was later replaced by the present 18th century hunting castle for Queen Ulrika Eleonora. During the 19th century, the castle fell into disrepair and became in the 1900’s a prison shortly before the turn of the century. Today, Svartsjö Castle is restored to its former state. With the strong royal dominance on Färingsö, there were no other larger mansions or castles to be built there.

Picture Gallery

This collection of pictures will give you a small taste of what awaits you here in Sweden.