Useful info


Yes, the water is safe to drink. Our water comes from our own 67m deep well which is bored down through the granite mountain the house stands upon.
The water has a high iron content which can from time to time turn the water slightly yellow after a rainy period which can be accompanied by a light aroma. Even if the water is slightly yellow it remains perfectly safe to drink and bathe in.


Fire, is by far our #1 enemy. Smoking is restricted to the outside of the house and ashtrays or receptacles must be used when extinguishing cigarettes never on the ground. It is also not advisable to smoke whilst in the forest either. The house is equipped with several fire extinguishers on both floors along with smoke detectors. In the event of a fire you should not be afraid to use the extinguishers and call 112 and ask for the fire department.

House rules:

  • No smoking in the house or in the surrounding wooded areas. If you wish to smoke please dispose of your cigarettes in a safe and considerate manner in a suitable receptacle. TIP: A glass jar with a lid with water in the bottom is ideal.
  • No outdoor shoes are to be worn inside the house.
  • No outdoor sports equipment to be stored in the house.
  • No loud music to be played outside or with open windows after 22:00.
  • BBQ, one is provided and to be used only on the deck area or lawn. Charcoal/Briquettes are to be used only in the baskets not directly on the grill surface
  • Please park your vehicles in a considerate manner in the spaces provided for them in the driveway.
  • The use of illegal substances on the property will be considered a breach of the tenancy agreement.

If you have questions during your stay please text or call us and we will respond as quickly as we can.


All rubbish is disposed of into the green garbage bin which is at the entrance of the driveway. Large packaging should be flattened and placed along side the garbage can in a tidy manner.
Any garbage that is placed in the green container should be in a knotted plastic bag, the type that you have when buying groceries.
Any food waste including paper towels, tea bags, coffee grounds should be separated into a special green bag which we supply, once full dispose of it in the same way as the regular garbage.
All cans bottles and drinks containers are separated into the black bag which is in the kitchen. If this gets full please tell us and we will empty it for you.

IMPORTANT: Please do not put garbage bags outside on the ground, we have a lot of wildlife that thinks your garbage is the best tasting and will decorate the garden with it.
If you have to put it outside temporarily you can hang it on the hook which is beside the entrance door and take it down the next time you leave the house.

Doctor/ Hospital

If you have an emergency that is serious or potentially life threatening do not hesitate to call 112 and ask for an ambulance and give the exact address listed below.  If you have a general ailment you can always call 1177 to seek medical advice, this service is free of charge and they can normally recommend a course of action to take wether it be medication or a visit to the doctor. If you need to visit a doctor/hospital or dentist please remember to bring your passport/ID and if you are a visiting EU citizen your EU health insurance card. All major credit cards are accepted.

Need to rent a boat?

A lot of Swedish people like to rent out their possessions such as canoes or boats that they are not using. This site “hygglo” can help connect you with those people. The site is in Swedish but with a little help from Google translate you should find what you are looking for.

House location

Address: Sånga Säbyvägen 149, 17996 Svartsjö, Sweden
59°21’24.9″N 17°40’22.6″E
59°21.415’N 17°40.377’E
WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
59.356925, 17.672946
6583287, 1606230
6582847, 6519

Where are you?

Ekerö Kommun is made up of many islands in the Lake Mälaren, Ekerö, Färingsö, Kärsö, Björkö, Lovö, Adelsö are just a few of these. There are approximately 25,000 inhabitants spread across these islands with the largest concentration being on Ekerö. Färingsö where we live is the largest of the islands. It is said that there are more Horses here than people and certainly the largest concentration in Sweden.

The present day Färingsö became the early place of royal ownership. The most famous place is Svartsjö with today’s Svartsjö Castle, which is a 17th-century Rococo building. In the mid-1300s, Svartsjö became a royal castle when Gustav Vasa managed to build the castle in stone, Svartsjö became a significant part of Gustav Vasa’s kingdom.

In the late 1600s the castle burned down and was later replaced by the present 18th century hunting castle for Queen Ulrika Eleonora. During the 19th century, the castle fell into disrepair and became in the 1900’s a prison shortly before the turn of the century. Today, Svartsjö Castle is restored to its former state. With the strong royal dominance on Färingsö, there were no other larger mansions or castles to be built there.